Simple group texting for small business


Communication is EVERYTHING…


and let’s face it:


Text is in, and email is out


The average American checks their phone 46 times per day

The average adult spends a total of 23 hours a week texting

The average Millennial exchanges an average of 67 text messages per day

“We sold over $1,600 worth of wine directly contributed to our first mass text sent to 300 customers.

Since then, we’ve regularly seen a 20-80% increase of sales when we use texting in our marketing campaign.”

Lewis Sheats

Founder, Short Walk Wines

Stay relevant in a world where text is the #1 form of communication


Send messages immediately, or schedule them into the future. As simple as scheduling an email in Gmail.


Think of tags as groups of contacts.  Create as many tags as you want.  Then send a text message to a single tag, or to several tags at once.  Or pick a few contacts within a tag to send a text message to only a select few contacts. 

Default Message Templates

Create as many re-usable message templates as you want.  Then pick a template right from the message composition screen to speed things up.

Simple Bulk Import

Import your existing contacts easily via CSV import, and leave all the messy CRM behind.  With a single click, import your contact’s most relevant info (first name, last name, company, and mobile #).


see replies on your phone (or not)

View replies to your CanaryTEXT messages directly on your mobile phone instead of having to log into the application.  Or not!  Flip the switch to OFF to not be bothered on your mobile phone.  It’s up to you.

Give it a try!

CanaryTEXT is simple enough to be ideally-suited for a variety of quick communication use cases, including:


  • Personalized group messaging
  • Appointment reminders
  • Regular service notifications
  • Online review requests
  • Seasonal service offerings
  • and more…

Text messaging is the most effective and quick communication method in use today. 

Leverage it with CanaryTEXT to give your business higher response rates and better customer engagement.