Just the Right Features

CanaryTEXT gives you the features you need, without complicated navigation or a steep learning curve.  So simple that you can get up and running in no time.


Schedule your text messages in advance


Bulk-import your contact list with ease

Default Messages

Create multiple default messages

Unlimited Tags

Create tags to easily group your contacts

See replies on your phone (or not)

Choose whether to receive replies on your mobile phone or not


Not happy with the system? Export your contacts to a CSV file with a couple of clicks

Everything You Need


As simple as uploading a CSV file 

Create Tags

Create as many tags as you need to group your contacts into relevant groups

Send text messages

Send them now or schedule them into the future. It’s as easy as composing an email message.

Hi {name}

Use {name} to merge the person’s name from your contact list.

View replies on your phone

View replies on your phone or just in the web app.  It’s up to you.

a support team at your side

Need a little help importing your contact list? Wanna learn more? Text us at (844) 818-0849

Wanna give it a try?


Text us at (844) 818-0849 to see how it works